PROJECT Maccallum Pool
CLIENT BBCD, Semester 1 (2015)
BRIEF To re-brand an existing area- Maccallum Pool, and create an accompanying style guide.
SKILLS Branding, Layout design, Illustration, Typography, Photo editing, Print
OUTCOMES Re-Brand and Style guide

The Maccallum Pool re-branding and style guide was created as part of a brief to create a solution to existing problems within the area. Problems identified within Maccallum Pool were its lack of signage and wayfinding, and the space itself needed an urgent modern update. These areas were improved with our re-branding, which included a new logo, colour scheme, signage, and wayfinding system. We wanted to create a sophisticated re-brand that would appeal to its current target market, as well as attract a new audience. Within the group, I was in charge of the photo editing, the creation of the map as part of the wayfinding, car livery, uniform design, and subsequent collateral. I also contributed towards the logo design and colour scheme.


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