CLIENT BBCD, Semester 1 (2015)
BRIEF To create an original typeface with a minimum of 180 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and glyphs, and a promotional piece showcasing the typeface.
SKILLS Type design, Illustration, Print
OUTCOMES Original typeface, Promotional print

Karlo is an original serif typeface collaboratively created by 3 third year Billy Blue students. It is minimalistic and quirky in design, featuring its signature large counters and monoline structure. A heavily grid-based typeface, its versatility works well in both large and small scale formats.

The process of the creation of Karlo started off as grid-based sketches, which were then scanned and converted into vectors using the pen tool in Illustrator. The characters were constantly placed next to eachother to ensure a uniform typeface. A different and quirky approach was used to create the promotional piece, with the aspect of folding incorporated to give it interest and interactivity. The featured illustrations set the tone for the quirky look we wanted Karlo to portray.

Within the group I designed and illustrated the upperscase letters, numbers, and glyphs, as well as created the design for the promotional piece.


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