PROJECT Frutiger
CLIENT BBCD, Semester 2 (2013)
BRIEF To create an informational booklet on a chosen typeface and its maker; Frutiger by Adrian Frutiger. Incorporate minimal colour scheme.
SKILLS Layout design, Illustration, Typography, Print
OUTCOMES Fold out booklet

Frutiger is a fold out booklet about the typeface and its designer Adrian Frutiger. It showcases brief information about the history, design, usage, and timeline of the typeface. It also features an illustrative front and back cover, with a minimal colour scheme. It was designed primarily in Indesign, with the illustrative compononents created in Illustrator. The front cover illustration alludes to Frutiger’s usage in airports, which is also continued throughout the rest of the booklet. The back cover was chosen to feature a distinct character within the typeface, the letter ‘Q’, which was required as part of the brief.


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