CLIENT BBCD, Semester 3 (2015)
BRIEF To create a unique exhibition complete with story, space design, and related promotional material
SKILLS Branding, Logo design, Layout design, Illustration, Typography, Print
OUTCOMES Branding, Poster, Invitation, Digital application, Exhibition panels GROUPWORK Yes/No

Blink is an educational and entertaining exhibition about eyes, and the way we perceive the world. The exhibition features different rooms focusing on the diversity of our eyes, with a strong focus on creating a visually impaired accessible space. The rooms feature optical illusions and interactive objects, while still being educational. The following featured items include the branding and logo design, print material, digital application, and design of panels within the exhibition space. The branding was created in Illustrator, with the intention of creating a quirky and fun exhibition language. The illustrations in the print were specifically designed to represent the different rooms within the space, and relate to the overall theme of ‘eyes’.


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